The VanRiet Group

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VanRiet Material Handling Systems is a well-established name in the material handling market. We have supplied material handling systems throughout the world.


VanRiet currently has approximately 100 employees. Our head office and a major part of the production facility can be found at Kaagschip 8, Houten in The Netherlands.


VanRiet specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of Tire Conveying Systems and VanRiet is marketleader in sorter technology.


The mechanical system elements of the Tire Conveying Systems have been developed ‘in house’ by our own research and development department.


By integrating system elements from our approved partners and choosing the most appropriate control system, we create the best material handling system. VanRiet has its own Control and PC/PCL development departments which are responsible for developing the correct control solution, PC as well as PLC, for all our (tire)systems.


Because of this, VanRiet can supply a total turn-key solution. From the first enquiry up to implementation of the system, VanRiet actively works together with you to achieve the best possible solution. To ensure that the system continues to work reliable, VanRiet offers a wide variety of 24/7 service and support packages.


Working with VanRiet means choosing a true partner for Tire Handling Systems.

Maximum uptime for your tire handling system is our goal. Not just today, but during the whole life cycle of your installation.

We intend to build solid business relations with our customers. We believe long lasting relations can lead to better overall performance. Together we create the best tire handling systems.

We have clear business ethics: we say what we do and do what we say; we do not break promises.

Our service operations comprise preventative and corrective maintenance and are available 24/7 to ensure minimal downtime for our customers.

Our service engineers work with state-of-the-art equipment, enabling them also to exchange information with headquarters. The job is carried out quickly and efficiently, including reporting back to you.

Our service engineers have been trained to perform safety inspections. By increasing safety, you will enjoy more motivated personnel, less damaged goods and reduced operating costs