Testing area transport

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Tire conveying through testing areas


Tire transport from curing press to your warehouse area


Being a tire manufacturer you are well aware of the importance of the quality and consistency of your tires. It is therefore that, as soon as your tires are released by the curing press, they will be transported to the testing area. Arrived in the testing area, the tire will undergo a series of tests and inspections in order to secure and maintain your high quality standards.


In order to maximize the utilization of your tire-testing machinery and visual inspection stations, you are in need of a balanced and optimal flow to the different machines. Dynamic in-line buffering solutions enable you to synchronize your testing equipment which often runs on different cycle times. Your sorting systems need to guarantee optimal cured tire availability while keeping a sharp look on tire quality.


VANRIET offers years of experience that enable you to acquire a tire-handling solution specifically designed for the handling of tires. With our standardized product portfolio we are able to design, integrate and deliver your entire solution, including robust controls. VANRIET is your turn-key supplier of tire-handling solutions.