Intralogistic Solutions

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Our intralogistic solutions


Our experience within the tire industry has resulted in specific solutions for different areas within a tire production plant. Click on the following hyperlinks to go directly to solutions for:


  Green Tire Handling
  Cured Tire Handling
  Testing area transport


In the Green Tire applications, modular belts are often used given the fragility of the product. Together with specific diverts, guiding and transitions they prove to be the ideal solution. In the Cured Tire applications we have a variety of solutions available to create interfaces towards visual inspection stations, tire balancing machines and tire uniformity machines. As cured tires are less vulnerable, we can, if desired, also adopt more economical tire-handling systems.


Our conveyors are designed to perform 24/7 and under heavy circumstances. We spend a lot of effort on reducing the risk of breakdown and minimizing maintenance. Furthermore our level of standardization reduces the number of parts and thus the number of spare-parts. Less stock means fewer overall costs for you. On the other hand, we have made critical parts easily accessible and quickly interchangeable.