Green tire handling

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Tire handling solutions for green tires


Conveying vulnerable green tires from TBM to curing press


As a tire manufacturer, you are in a challenging environment. Margins are under pressure due to a volatile price of raw materials and costs of labor. You are active in a highly competitive market and are facing an increasing demand from customers. You are in need of maximized capacity and full utilization of your machinery.


In our green-tire-handling solutions, we are focused on the vulnerability of the tire and the utilization of the tire-building machine. We often use modular belts given the fragility of the green tire. The past 15 years VanRiet has been focused on designing a standardized product portfolio of conveying solutions. Together with specifically designed diverts, guiding and transitions, we are convinced that we are able to deliver the best intralogistic solution for your tire manufacturing plant.


Our product portfolio consists of standardized conveying and sorting elements. These elements enable us to design a customer-specific solution out of standardized parts, providing you the cost advantage of standardization while securing the flexibility of modular system design. Our product portfolio covers a wide range of solutions for your transport from tire building machine, through buffering zones, spraying areas all the way to the curing area. For our solutions for cured tires click here.


Our conveyors are designed to perform 24/7 and under heavy circumstances. We spend a lot of effort on reducing the risk of breakdown and minimizing maintenance. Furthermore, our level of standardization reduces the number of parts and thus the number of spare-parts. Less stock means decreased overall costs for you. On the other hand, we have made critical parts easily accessible and quickly interchangeable.