Cured tire handling

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Tire handling solutions for vulcanized tires


Maximized utilization of your curing area demands a controlled flow of tires


As a Tire manufacturer you are aware of the importance of effective utilization of your tire manufacturing facilities. Tire building machines are decreasing their cycle times, with an increased supply of green tires at the curing area as result. Your factory is in need of a controlled flow of tires and a balanced tire handling solution.


VANRIET’s cured tire handling solutions we are focused on maximizing the utilization of the curing presses. A properly designed flow of materials and a supporting intralogistic solution solves the issue of a recurring imbalance in utilization of machinery. Solutions as green tire conveying, dynamic buffering and automatic press loading are applicable in order to increase the efficiency of your tire curing process.


Our product portfolio is build up out of conveying and sorting elements especially designed with and for the tire manufacturer. Years of experience resulted in a standardized product portfolio of tire handling solutions enabling our specialists to design a customer specific solution out of standardized parts. Providing you the financial incentive of standardization while you remain the flexibility of modular system design.